Tchai Book Review at Babel Book store, Tel-Aviv

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Год назад, в Сентябре 2019, я продолжил свой опыт встречи с читателями, и представил в книжной галерее "Бабель" 2 своих последних книги – "Зарисовки Времени" и "Апология Снобизма". Вечер превзошел все ожидания – было весело, интересно, и книг после чтения совсем не осталось. Вобщем, восторг!


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I didn’t post anything lately due to tough and busy time. Here’s my most resent event at the City of Sankt-Peterburg, Russian Federation, where I had a show and book presentation. Enjoy!

At the Comics Library this February

Work in progress

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image description

Meanwhile… this is the 5th page of our new project! It goes slow. Slowly but surely. Where is the page #4? – you probably ask. Well… we’d never show to public view the image consisted any sexual act. Because page # 4 has it all. Even twice. Intrigued? Stay tuned!

The dedication we proud of

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Some 10 years ago when we visited Paris…

The story of Mike’s Place

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Well, we’re history, we’ve done, finished, kaput! Stories about places we’ve been and persons we new begins to be broadcasted. That’s a sign.

Anyway we were surprised to know that New-Yorker Mr. Koren Shadmi drew the whole book about Mike’s Place – the blues bar franchise we’ve visited lots of times. More over we have witnessed the history of this unique place from the very beginning. The key person of this place is our best pal till know. So we took very close the tragedy that happened there back in 2003.

This book of Koren Shadmi – Mike’s Place: A True Story of Love, Blues and Terror in Tel Aviv, – is about this blues bar buy the way.

Intrigued? We do!

The cover

Koren Shadmi drew 999 separate black & white panels + the front cover in color = 1,000 drawings for MIKE’S PLACE

More about the book here –

Publication Date June 9, 2015


Tchai at Jerusalem book fair

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It was really enjoying! The place, the peupil, the environment… old train station converted into huge convention centre equipped with at least 10 restourant and caffees serving every taste… What else you would desire?

Project “Toronto Graffiti”

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Cards on a rocks please!


Project “Toronto Graffiti”  – urban sketches art book and postcards – was presented at 9-th Biennale of Travelers Sketches in the City of Clermont-Ferrand, France.

Éditions Tchaï was the only Canadian guest of honor at the Biennale.

This wonderful set of artistic postcards based on project “Toronto Graffiti” by editions Tchai. Glossy Cardstock 5″X7″ Offset. ISBN 978-0-9784952-5-1

The set of 7 postcards – best illustrations from the Toronto Graffiti book – comes with its original envelope-cover on witch you will find information about the author and illustrated table of contents.

Would also look lovely framed.


See listing at

air france

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air france by ezhilinsky
air france, a photo by ezhilinsky on Flickr.

Tel Aviv – Jerusalem sketchbook

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View from Para Andreas roof topMy gangAnton Saxofonychold_sity_smallroofsMy gang 2
My Gang 3carnettes_trubachcarnettes_boregcarnettes_cheromacarnettes_pcholcarnettes_trepakov
carnettes_stascarnettes_gansakertower_david_eugeneJeru_scetchbook_smallEast Jeru and Gilobarood_jeru
Abo Christo restaurant in Akkozhilinsky_rt_page33_ezhilinsky_rt_page34_ezhilinsky_rt_page35_ezhilinsky_rt_page37_ezhilinsky_rt_page38_e

Sketches (carnets) done during our recent trips to Middle East


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Readers, a set on Flickr.

Dear Readers so far! And it’s not all!

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