By publishing our new book we decided to set up a new blog. New book – it’s our new graphic novel “Rock Testament” just recently printed by Toronto’s Guerilla Printing.

Order here!

If you in Toronto  – the book also available at Beguiling at

What’s that book about? Well… Option One: A country boy comes to the capital. Along the way he meets a group of talented musicians and becomes the leader of the band. He says he’ll make them famous, but it doesn’t seem to be working out.
Option Two: Cool epic about Jerusalem Syndrome. Starring David Ro, Dooley Band and Shakespeare (Bosoy)
Option Three: It’s encyclopedia of wisdom, where every line is a quote.

The book also contains travel sketches done in accordance of creating synopsis and plot.

Eugene Zhilinsky – art and story, Kimberley Whitchurch – dialogue and editing. ISBN 978 – 0-9784952-7-5, English, 7.5″X11″, 52 pages. Full color cover with black & white interiors. 8.25″x 10.5″.  Perfect binding, lamination. Back cover contains information about the authors. Printed in Canada by GUERILLA PRINTING.