We going to reprint our book, Hungry Heart, modern day graphic novel English edition by Tatiana Yuditskaya, co-founder Tchai Publishing. Why? Well… it’s a moral cautionary tale turned psycho-thriller. Sounds good, eh? The story’s set in modern day Israel, Canada and the blogosphere, which is quite contemporary. It also has 2 alternative endings for the reader to choose from – just like in a smart movies.

We did a very small run in 2008 and it was definitely not enough.  The book absorbed into readers mass so fast that no one mentioned it. It was also handmade book – we were very much into it at the time – and it  means expensive. Reprint will be more affordable. We’d like to get a bit bigger attention and feedback this time.

Editions Tchai, ISBN 0-9780581-7-3, English edition, 48 pages, 8″X11″, hand perfect binding, no lamination. Back cover contains information about the author.