…That new book of yours… eh… Rock Testament… What is that book about?

We’ll copy here the very cool blurb written by Kimberley Whitchurch – the book co-author:

“What if compact discs came from ancient Jerusalem? What if the King of Rock n’ Roll wasn’t born in Memphis, but in Nazareth? That’s the world of Rock Testament, a smart tale of how human nature never changes, and ambition can get the better of all of us. Two books in one, Rock Testament includes the comic plus a travel sketchbook and notes from modern Jerusalem. Published by  Editions Tchai, with story and artwork by Eugene Zhilinsky, text and editing by Kimberley Whitchurch.

Co-creators Eugene Zhilinsky and Kimberley Whitchurch came to Toronto from different worlds. Eugene is a Russian-born graduate of the State Academy of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), where he graduated in 1986 with a Masters in Art and Architecture. He has practised architecture in Russia, Israel, and now Toronto, where with his wife Tatyana Sasha Yuditskaya he also runs the creative group Editions Tchai. Their small-run press has published 12 titles in English, French, and Russian, including illustrated classic literature, graphic novels, and carnets de voyage.

Kimberley Whitchurch is a Toronto-based artist and writer who was born in the United Kingdom, raised partly there and mostly in Canada, and is proudly Torontonian by choice. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art, she studied theatrical costume design at Dalhousie University, where she also became a staff writer, cartoonist, and photographer for the Dalhousie Gazette. Currently a top-rated entertainment caricaturist, Kimberley is also an illustrator and fine artist, with two solo art shows scheduled for 2011. She has written about comic book culture for Torontoist.com, and has script-doctored for other writers. “

What else do we need to say?
ISBN 978 – 0-9784952-7-5, English, 7.5″X11″, 52 pages. Full color cover with black & white interiors. 8.25″x 10.5″.
Perfect binding, lamination. Back cover contains information about the authors. Printed in Canada.