Bayamo city

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bayamo_02 by ezhilinsky
bayamo_02, a photo by ezhilinsky on Flickr.

“So we took a ride to Bayamo city which has a strong cultural traditions (words taken from tourist guide afterwards). In the very heart of historical or as we used to say “old city” we have reviewed that beautiful azure building that appears to be provincial Academy of Plastic Art. Windows were open so we were able to see how art students do their chores.
The name of the plastic arts academie Oswaldo Guayasamin is from an ecuadorian artist, his paintings belong to the social realism, descriving the suffering and explotation of the indigeneus american people. He identified himself with aims of the cuban revolutions and was many times in Cuba. A mural painting he did can be seen on the International Airport in Madrid”.

Hark! A Vagrant’s Kate Beaton on History, Comics, and Crowded Elevators | The Hairpin

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Hark! A Vagrant’s Kate Beaton on History, Comics, and Crowded Elevators | The Hairpin.

Yes! We are big fans of Kate Beaton!

Legoiner and the others

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Legoiner_04 by ezhilinsky
Legoiner_04, a photo by ezhilinsky on Flickr.

It’d be in Dedication category but it’s the end of the our mini-comics “Legoiner”. Kind of documentary proof page. Yes, everything we wrote about – it’s true. No, seriously!

Dear Readers!

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Just received back an envelope with 2 books I sent to Jerusalem readers. Please next time provide us with complete address on local language! Sometimes postal guys can’t read English or confused by something else so they prefer to send us back the books instead of accomplish their mission. Sorry for delay.

Dear Reader

Ah, Gilgamesh!

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Gilgamesh dedication

TCJ #301: Joe Sacco on Footnotes in Gaza | The Comics Journal

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TCJ #301: Joe Sacco on Footnotes in Gaza | The Comics Journal.

Joe Sacco: Well, I guess my major bias would be — if you want to call it a bias — that the Palestinians have been historically wronged. They were kicked out of their homeland in 1948 and we’ve seen the results ever since. They’re dispossessed.  

Year, right.  Here’s the latest news:  “The Middle East “quartet” of international mediators (UN, Russia, USA, EU) condemns the attack took place August 18 in southern Israel and the subsequent attacks and bombings. Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France broke sharply criticized the Palestinians. He said that the administration of Hamas in the fight against terrorism is so inefficient that “their actions can not be named.  According to Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, “nothing can justify acts of terror and damage to the civilian population of Israel at a time when all efforts should be aimed at achieving a lasting peace in the region.”

Toronto Graffiti

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We’ve just uploaded one of our very successful book – Toronto Graffiti – to It’s a marvelous tool to upload your publications and convert it into virtual books by that. The most amazing thing is that you actually see your pages flipping! Probably  it’s a best example of totally virtual reading experience in the future.

To see the book go to

But lets talk about our book first. It’s might be called “Toronto Comic Sketch Book”.  It’s actually Combination of an urban sketch book and comic book. Published by us – Editions Tchai – back in 2008, ISBN 978-0-9784952-4-4, French, 45 pages, 7″X9″, hand perfect binding, no lamination. Back cover contains information about the author. This book  was the only book of Canadian author presented at 9-th Biennale of Travelers Sketches in the City of Clermont-Ferrand,  France. And we were the only Canadian invited authors there.

Toronto Graffiti in French. First issue.

We are working on complete HC book in English recently. Support welcomed.

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