TCJ #301: Joe Sacco on Footnotes in Gaza | The Comics Journal.

Joe Sacco: Well, I guess my major bias would be — if you want to call it a bias — that the Palestinians have been historically wronged. They were kicked out of their homeland in 1948 and we’ve seen the results ever since. They’re dispossessed.  

Year, right.  Here’s the latest news:  “The Middle East “quartet” of international mediators (UN, Russia, USA, EU) condemns the attack took place August 18 in southern Israel and the subsequent attacks and bombings. Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France broke sharply criticized the Palestinians. He said that the administration of Hamas in the fight against terrorism is so inefficient that “their actions can not be named.  According to Foreign Minister Alain Juppe, “nothing can justify acts of terror and damage to the civilian population of Israel at a time when all efforts should be aimed at achieving a lasting peace in the region.”