“you never know if he really believes what he’s talking about, but when you start to believe him he unexpectedly makes some sharp twists…and he’s gone.” 

Rock Testament. The cover

Thus how I described David Ro – the main character of our book Rock Testament we published this May. Well… they all real, my characters. They even have their own life.  Like David himself who moved to India just like it’s been written. And he was staying there a pretty long time. He was saying that he wouldn’t leave India, he was feeling pretty happy there, but once when he was sleeping in a jungle he woke up because elephants were looking at him…and that made him decide to come back. Anyway I just put together all those whom I knew in this city and just drew the story.

Dalton Sharp interviewed Eugene Zhilinsky and Kimberley Whitchurch about their book (our book!) Rock Testament at Sequential | Canadian Comics News & Culture.


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