Yes, we did it! We have reprinted our hand made book in order to make it more affordable to the readers (finally!). Now – it’s NOT hand made anymore and WITH lamination!

Hungry Heart the Reprint

“Hungry Heart” is a modern moral cautionary tale turned psycho-thriller by Tatiana Yuditskaya, co-founder Tchai Publishing. The story’s set in modern day Canada, Israel and the blogosphere.
It’s a story about Olga who lives in a small town. She knows, though, that she deserves more. By wandering through the blogosphere, she meets a man who she believes will become her “ticket to glamour”. It also has 2 alternative endings for the reader to choose from.

Compare to our old 2007 hand made book it’s just 14$ – cheap!

Apparently available at our Etsy shop only. Com-on! We just got it from the print house yesterday!

And it’s all happened only with the huge help of Guerilla Printing heroes! Thank you, guys, for your excellent job!