Books we’ve got at TCAF 2012 – Chico and Rita Graphic novel.

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Just finished reading this graphic novel – and there is a full feature animation, too! Love story, just like Doctor Zhivago; in fact, it is like Cuban Doctor Zhivago thing; there is love that is predestined, and the lovers are constantly separated and it’s all very as I mentioned, predictable, it reminds you of all romantic classical movie plots, and it still a great treat!


Watch the Chico & Rita trailer at YouTube


Drawn and Quarterly: The Worst TCAF report on the internets

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Oh my, oh my! I just love these guys – they not just publish a great reading pieces but they also fanny!

Drawn and Quarterly: The Worst TCAF report on the internets.

People, DO ride the train from Montreal to Toronto with D+Q production manager Tracy Hurren, Monastiraki owner Billy Mavreas, and Mid-Life ink-stud Joe Ollmann. What fun! People, DO NOT go get beers with Andy Brown, Billy Mavreas, and Joe Ollmann as soon as you get off the train in Toronto because you will have to count in the books and that will be awful…

And then you think, oh, I can get out of this place after 2 pints and here comes Tom Gauld, David Turgeon, Jimmy Beaulieu, and Pascal Girard”.

Exactly at that time we’ve brought to library our stiff (with Oleg Ti). But we’ve been home. We had a word to come back home early so we never met with D&Q at Pilot bar. There is always next time.