Toronto Etsy Street Team: T.E.S.T. Interview: ezhilin.


Tell us a bit about your graphic novels and how you develop your stories and drawings.

Many artists dreams of transferring their paintings into cinema – “moving pictures”. If artist loves story telling, becoming a comic book author is a natural “next step”. In November 2005 we have founded a small independent publishing house Éditions Tchaï. The name Éditions Tchaï used as our creative name if we participating in particular art events together or separately. Now in little less then 5 years of activity we published under that name near 14 titles in English, French and Russian. Those very small run editions include illustrated classic literature, quality independent graphic novels, artistic comic book and an anthology of memoirs. I think the “memoirs” will be the key word here because all of our stories are spun from the very matter of our lives. We are especially proud to mention that four recent titles of Éditions Tchaï were purchased by an acquisitions librarian of multicultural and multilingual publications at Library and Archives Canada. Those titles are: “Sketches of Time/Zarisovki Vremeni” – an anthology of memoirs, dedicated to the history of classic art education in Russia; a short graphic novel “Dollar” set up in Toronto with humor and some elements of sci-fi; La Poule Mouilée/The Wishy Washy”“Ah, Gilgamesh” and “Hungry Heart”.