Our graphic genius and ghost spokesman Serge Razboinikoff created a new blurb about Editions Tchai.  Since then anywhere where needed to explain who we are we going to write this:

Editions Tchai has been a very small press creator-owned boutique publisher of comics and art books since the year of 2005.  Pair of art professionals who believes in reading factor of sequential art and devoted to biographical storytelling founded Editions Tchai in order to publish their own works independently. Till their first 4 years of operation they were focused on beautiful design and hand made book binding elements just as much as amazing sequential art content. After wild success at the annual Festival of Travel Sketches (Carnets de Voyage) in Clermont-Ferrand, France, where they were only Canadian invited artists, they became small press creator-owned studio that published bigger run of their work digitally or using risograph printing technique. Their library of publications is an eclectic mix of sequential and illustrative arts as well as literature essays and travel memoirs.