Well, we’re history, we’ve done, finished, kaput! Stories about places we’ve been and persons we new begins to be broadcasted. That’s a sign.

Anyway we were surprised to know that New-Yorker Mr. Koren Shadmi drew the whole book about Mike’s Place – the blues bar franchise we’ve visited lots of times. More over we have witnessed the history of this unique place from the very beginning. The key person of this place is our best pal till know. So we took very close the tragedy that happened there back in 2003.

This book of Koren Shadmi – Mike’s Place: A True Story of Love, Blues and Terror in Tel Aviv, – is about this blues bar buy the way.

Intrigued? We do!

The cover

Koren Shadmi drew 999 separate black & white panels + the front cover in color = 1,000 drawings for MIKE’S PLACE

More about the book here – http://korenshadmi.com/news/mikes-place/

Publication Date June 9, 2015