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I didn’t post anything lately due to tough and busy time. Here’s my most resent event at the City of Sankt-Peterburg, Russian Federation, where I had a show and book presentation. Enjoy!

At the Comics Library this February

Editions Tchaï @ TCAF 2012

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Editions Tchaï @ TCAF 2012

Sketching TCAF visitors and our fans…

TCAF 2012 is over

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Exhausted we just got back from TCAF . This experience was pretty useful though.  It was also very well organized event. And crowdy.  Probably on official TCAF website or Facebook Page there’ll be soon statistic info, but it seems that in two days TCAF attended about 10000 viewers – no less! We were exhibitors and we even sold some books and postcards. Not much because our stories not for everyone – we missing the mainstream target group but educated readers like it.

Now have a look at some  sketches we did during the show.

This is NOT Joan Sfar! It was just one nice person from the crowd.

The old man and the Real Book Lover. The Old Man tried to sell pictures by shooting artists with their books.

Nice Girl and Old Manga Fan.

My neighbors from the right tables – Jess Fink, Eric Feurstain and Oleg Ti.

Tony Cliff – my neighbor on the left table – signing his short bu fabulous graphic novel.

This girl tried to submit me her comics.

One very tall cyclist and cute hairdo.

Some years ago I was a huge fan of Michael Cherckas and his series “Silent Invasion”. It was a honor that famous coauthor of Silent Invasion series bought 3 our books.

The young crowd…

… and serious book lovers.

Also the array of other amazing books exhibited this time was simply abnormal.  Basically we spent for new reading about the same amount of money we just earned. Eventually we going to tell about significant books we’ve got but not now. Have fun!

TCAF this weekend!

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We are introducing Editions Tchai at TCAF this very weekend – May 5-6!!!

I will be at table #250 upstairs. Jess Fink is next to us on 252! Kimberley Whitchurch will also join me to sign our book.
We will have copies of “Rock Testament”,  and Tchai’s fancy collection of Tanya’s novels- “Oh, Gilgamesh” and “Hungry Heart”.

Rock Testament

Oh Gilgamesh!

Hungry Heart

Plus “Toronto Graffiti Postcards” and all sort of silly things.

Toronto Graffiti Postcards

Come say hello!

Tchai bookmarks

Editions Tchai @ Beguiling

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Out books at Beguiling

One of the shelf at Beguiling comic book store. With our books – Hungry Heart and Rock Testament in front. And Toronto Graffiti cards too! Still in a good company – Heavy Metal on the one side and Little Nemo above.

Our readers enjoying Rock Testament!

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CIMG0927 by ezhilinsky
CIMG0927, a photo by ezhilinsky on Flickr.

Check the backgrounds! Do you remember where it was in the book?

Quinntessential Comix | TdotComics

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Quinntessential Comix | TdotComics.


The show will be taped on Wednesdays and released on Thursdays, here is the schedule for the next month:
Wednesday November 16 – Eugene Zhilinsky Kimberley Whitchurch creators of Rock Testament
Wednesday November 23 – Maurice Vellekoop‘s creator of (to be released Nov.29) The World of Gloria Badcock
Wednesday November 30 – The Kill Shakespeare guys (still have to confirm who will be in attendance)
Wednesday December 7 – Book Club Episode!



eugene zhilinsky | Tumblr

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eugene zhilinsky | Tumblr.




Rock Testament at Another Story Book Shop display

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Dropping by Another Story Book Shop last week and guess what – our latest book Rock Testament on display! Just next to Scott Pilgrim no less! Hooray!

Hungry Heart the Reprint

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Yes, we did it! We have reprinted our hand made book in order to make it more affordable to the readers (finally!). Now – it’s NOT hand made anymore and WITH lamination!

Hungry Heart the Reprint

“Hungry Heart” is a modern moral cautionary tale turned psycho-thriller by Tatiana Yuditskaya, co-founder Tchai Publishing. The story’s set in modern day Canada, Israel and the blogosphere.
It’s a story about Olga who lives in a small town. She knows, though, that she deserves more. By wandering through the blogosphere, she meets a man who she believes will become her “ticket to glamour”. It also has 2 alternative endings for the reader to choose from.

Compare to our old 2007 hand made book it’s just 14$ – cheap!

Apparently available at our Etsy shop only. Com-on! We just got it from the print house yesterday!

And it’s all happened only with the huge help of Guerilla Printing heroes! Thank you, guys, for your excellent job!

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