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I didn’t post anything lately due to tough and busy time. Here’s my most resent event at the City of Sankt-Peterburg, Russian Federation, where I had a show and book presentation. Enjoy!

At the Comics Library this February

Tchai at Jerusalem book fair

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It was really enjoying! The place, the peupil, the environment… old train station converted into huge convention centre equipped with at least 10 restourant and caffees serving every taste… What else you would desire?

Rock Testament in Bauhaus Gallery

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Rock Testament at Bauhaus Gallery

Rock Testament at Bauhaus Gallery

Please note that since then you can purchase Rock Testament at super cool Tel-Aviv store “Bauhaus Gallery” (99 Dizengoff st.). The price there is a bit higher than we set at the Rock Testament launch party but this is life 🙂



Toronto Indie Arts Market

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Toronto Indie Arts Market.


Saterday, April 13th, 2013 from 10.00 to 16.00 We at the Toronto Indie Art Market! Take place at Gladstone Hotel – the hippest hotel in Toronto! Be there!

Toronto Etsy Street Team: T.E.S.T. Interview: ezhilin

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Toronto Etsy Street Team: T.E.S.T. Interview: ezhilin.


What is your creative process? How do you decide what to draw and paint?

It’s natural. I paint, sketch and draw urban views all of my life. About 5 years ago I became very interested in‘Carnet de Voyage’ or the Travel Sketches genre. The Art of Carnets de Voyage is a very unique art niche. I create my artwork in situ as well as in my artistic studio. The sketches are accompanied by written comments, which become a part of the art. Those written observations help me to share some interesting facts I have learned while painting and sketching. Eventually those sketches will be combined into the completed project that consist of drawings, watercolors, sketches and prints, as well as mixed media pieces such as collages with newspaper clips and tickets, all rearranged into an intrinsic structure of an artist’s bookwork, like, for example, ‘Toronto Graffiti’book which is on showcase at my Etsy shop. ‘Toronto Graffiti’ is also available in a French version. This book is a cross-art object, since it combines two genres in one – sketchbook and a comic book.


We’ve been blogged!

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Rock Testament – smart, philosophical tale | Bloggerdise.

Love the recent holiday idea of decoration

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Mexican restourant “Dos Amigos” where I started sketch-when-you-eat duty. Sketch to display later.

Eugene Zhilinsky — Indiegogo

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Eugene Zhilinsky — Indiegogo.

We set up a fundraising campaign to finance our ongoing project “Toronto Graffiti, Hard Cover Edition”.

Help develope indi literature! Viva la “Occupy Big Publishers”!

A Self-Publishing Comics Primer » No Media Kings

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A Self-Publishing Comics Primer » No Media Kings.


“…These days, I pay my rent through work in book/magazine publishing/design, I draw obsessively, and I still have many many unfinished book projects. But the more of your own work you do the more focused you become, and the easier it gets, at least to be confident enough to start a project, to see it through, and to learn a thing or two about it and yourself in the process.

For those of you up for self-publishing, here are some of the things you’ll need to think about…”

An Open Letter to Independent Comic Book Distributors « Dreamchilde’s Weblog

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An Open Letter to Independent Comic Book Distributors « Dreamchilde’s Weblog.


“…Surely you have heard about Diamond’s recent decision to raise sales benchmark from $1500 to $2500. As an independent comic book creator and publisher, I am very concerned how this change – however slight it may seem – will affect the comic book industry. It’s hard enough for independent publishers to find an audience, much less get accepted into the PREVIEWS catalog given Diamond’s rigid standards. By raising benchmark, Diamond has assured that even fewer small publishers will get distribution to the thousands of retailers nationwide.

This affects indie comics – and the very industry – greatly…”

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