The story of Mike’s Place

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Well, we’re history, we’ve done, finished, kaput! Stories about places we’ve been and persons we new begins to be broadcasted. That’s a sign.

Anyway we were surprised to know that New-Yorker Mr. Koren Shadmi drew the whole book about Mike’s Place – the blues bar franchise we’ve visited lots of times. More over we have witnessed the history of this unique place from the very beginning. The key person of this place is our best pal till know. So we took very close the tragedy that happened there back in 2003.

This book of Koren Shadmi – Mike’s Place: A True Story of Love, Blues and Terror in Tel Aviv, – is about this blues bar buy the way.

Intrigued? We do!

The cover

Koren Shadmi drew 999 separate black & white panels + the front cover in color = 1,000 drawings for MIKE’S PLACE

More about the book here –

Publication Date June 9, 2015


About us

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Our graphic genius and ghost spokesman Serge Razboinikoff created a new blurb about Editions Tchai.  Since then anywhere where needed to explain who we are we going to write this:

Editions Tchai has been a very small press creator-owned boutique publisher of comics and art books since the year of 2005.  Pair of art professionals who believes in reading factor of sequential art and devoted to biographical storytelling founded Editions Tchai in order to publish their own works independently. Till their first 4 years of operation they were focused on beautiful design and hand made book binding elements just as much as amazing sequential art content. After wild success at the annual Festival of Travel Sketches (Carnets de Voyage) in Clermont-Ferrand, France, where they were only Canadian invited artists, they became small press creator-owned studio that published bigger run of their work digitally or using risograph printing technique. Their library of publications is an eclectic mix of sequential and illustrative arts as well as literature essays and travel memoirs.


Love the recent holiday idea of decoration

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Mexican restourant “Dos Amigos” where I started sketch-when-you-eat duty. Sketch to display later.

Just got the whole set of super sketchbooks. Ready for travel around the world!

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Psychosis and Stigma, in Graphic Detail | culture | Torontoist

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Psychosis and Stigma, in Graphic Detail | culture | Torontoist.

Drawn and Quarterly: The Worst TCAF report on the internets

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Oh my, oh my! I just love these guys – they not just publish a great reading pieces but they also fanny!

Drawn and Quarterly: The Worst TCAF report on the internets.

People, DO ride the train from Montreal to Toronto with D+Q production manager Tracy Hurren, Monastiraki owner Billy Mavreas, and Mid-Life ink-stud Joe Ollmann. What fun! People, DO NOT go get beers with Andy Brown, Billy Mavreas, and Joe Ollmann as soon as you get off the train in Toronto because you will have to count in the books and that will be awful…

And then you think, oh, I can get out of this place after 2 pints and here comes Tom Gauld, David Turgeon, Jimmy Beaulieu, and Pascal Girard”.

Exactly at that time we’ve brought to library our stiff (with Oleg Ti). But we’ve been home. We had a word to come back home early so we never met with D&Q at Pilot bar. There is always next time.

Toronto Comics Art Festival | TCAF | Books

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Toronto Comics Art Festival | TCAF | Books.

Just have a look at these great selection of this year’s TCAF book debut! We’d like to have and read almost all of them. Well… at least one among them we know very well already. It’s our Rock Testament!

This year at TCAF | The Toronto Comics Art Festival

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 Check out the TCAF new web site – we’re among participants under “Z”. And Rock Testament going to be our debut book. Well, we did it for last TCAF but we were late. Now when we “IN” – it’s better late than sorrow, eh?

What we going to present at TCAF this year? Well, it’s Rock Testament, of course. Then it’s Hungry Hart, the reprint and Toronto Graffiti postcards. We may bring Tanya’s Oh, Gilgamesh as well, why not – it’s an excellent book for young adults. If we lucky we may also print some copies of carnet de voyages but only if we lucky! Hey, it’s in 3 months! We gotta be very lucky to do all that – hurry!

TCAF | The Toronto Comics Art Festival | Tatyana and Eugene Zhilinsky.

Our readers enjoying Rock Testament!

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CIMG0927 by ezhilinsky
CIMG0927, a photo by ezhilinsky on Flickr.

Check the backgrounds! Do you remember where it was in the book?

The Art of Urban Sketching

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The Art of Urban Sketching | Crafts & Hobbies / Painting Book | Qbookshop.

We proud to announce that we going to get our complimentary copy very soon. Yes, we are the participants and contributors! One of our urban sketch or two appear in this beautiful and unique 350 pages book The Art of Urban Sketching, which  is both a comprehensive guide and a showcase of location drawings by artists around the world who draw the cities where they live and travel. Click on a link above to get an idea.

And its not all! We also be at TCAFF this May! With our debut books Rock Testament and Hungry Heart.  Isn’t it cool?

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